Next-Gen AI-powered drone technology to locate landmines.

001 Our technology

Autonomous Drone Platform to identify buried threats

EAGLE A7 is an AI-enabled drone-tech platform that can autonomously detect, map, and even destroy landmines and other buried and non-buried ordnances. Crucially, this is achieved remotely, without any human risks.

This is a radical upgrade on manual demining—EAGLE A7 is significantly safer and over 50 times faster than current methods. Operators can even detect modern composite, plastic-based landmines and explosives, which is not possible using traditional methods.

Users also benefit from more accurate positioning of mines.

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002 The Tech

How it works

In collaboration with international organizations, NGOs, and a number of government agencies and departments, Aerobotics7 is on a quest to restore explosive-laden land for long-term sustainable community use and to protect innocent civilians.

Autonomous Flight

The EAGLE A7 drone platform flies autonomously over the designated contaminated area

Real-time AI Scanning

The drone scans selected area of interest using custom antennas, sensors and onboard AI-Engine

User-Friendly Interface

EAGLE A7’s Autonomy platform provides real-time detection and data analysis of identified landmines & other threats

003 action

In action today

Currently, we’re working on our technology to be deployed to support Ukraine’s efforts to rehabilitate approximately 180,000 square kilometers of contaminated land (constituting around a third of the country’s total land area) from landmines and unexploded ordinances (UXOs) like shells, mortars, and grenades.

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